Welcome to Abagrizzli's Bike Shop! In our imagination, the fork and shock are not just a suspension mechanism, but the heart and the soul of your bike. Like a living creature, when finely tuned, properly serviced and dialed to your needs, this organism will reward you with smooth and trouble-free performance at the highest level of demand. Our goal and our job is to provide the heart and the soulĀ of your bike with the best healthcare material. This what's on our mind, when we create seal kits for bike suspension. We strive to find the best and the highest quality seals available, we test them under harsh conditions, we always look for and find the way to improve the reliability, durability, stability, plushness and smoothness of you suspension. All the kits, that we offer, are better than the original. If you don't see the kit for your shock, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We are open for the cooperation with other workshops as well.

Please note, I ship from Israel, via Israel Post.

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