IMPROVED Air Can Service kit for ALL Fox Air rear shocks, EXCEPT Fox Float X2

IMPROVED Air Can Service kit for ALL Fox Air rear shocks, EXCEPT Fox Float X2

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IMPROVED Air Sleeve kit for Fox Float Line Single Barrel, Float X, DHX Air Rear Shocks


This kit is suitable for servicing air sleeve in the following shocks - ALL Fox Air rear shocks, EXCEPT Fox Float X2:

ALL Fox Float Single Barrel Line (R / RP / RP23 / CTD / DRCV etc.)
Fox Float X
Fox DHX Air

What is BETTER in our kit - positive, negative and dust wiper are designed by our lab, and made here in Israel at the highest possible level.

- The dust wiper in our kit is much more durable, DOES NOT CRACK under sun exposure with time, unlike the original Fox dust wiper, which is made of rubber. Seals better against dust and dirt, and more importantly against tubeless sealant.

- The positive air seal is redesigned, will never stuck down, unlike the original Fox, which fails sometimes. Copes much better with long scratches inside the air, and prevents air can from reversing (when air travels to negative side and does not come back, thus shortening the shock).

- The negative air seal prevents increased lubricating oil sipping, thus leaving the shock lubricated for longer period of time. Copes better with nicks and scratches.

IMPORTANT! While servicing you have to use only half of the amount of the Fox Fluid sachet, i.e. ONLY 2.5CC. DO NOT insert the whole amount!

The only difference you will feel is the slightly enhanced feeling of balance between positive and negative air chambers, as a 3mm step, when you feel the oil pass from the positive to negative chamber. It is completely unnoticeable during riding, just when the shock squeezed slowly by hand.
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The kit is the product of many years of experience and research, brought to you by Sheeep Suspension Laboratory  - the first and only independent  suspension tuning and maintenance workshop in Israel. Sheeep Suspension Laboratory offers to its customers world-class tuning of their forks and shocks from any manufacturer. Each and every seal in these kits is a result of many years of try and mistake, in order to find the best. All the seals in the kits are of the best quality from high-end US and EU manufacturers, allowing the best performance, tolerance and endurance of the suspension. The seals are made in US and EU, none from China or other Asian countries.

This oil seal kit does not include Eyelet/DU bushings, since they are not always need to be replaced. But if they are damaged and need replacement - you can also find them in my store.
The kit does not include oil seals.
Attention! We strongly warn against the danger involved in handling the system without proper knowledge. 

The kit offers you new and vastly improved sealing and tolerance, making your shock service very cheap and much better, especially comparing to full rebuild performed by the shock manufacturer.
For bulk orders please contact me directly.