X-Fusion Vector Coil IMPROVED Damper Service Kit for 12mm shaft - REVISED

X-Fusion Vector Coil IMPROVED Damper Service Kit for 12mm shaft - REVISED

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X-Fusion Vector Coil IMPROVED Damper Service Kit for 12mm shaft - REVISED AND BETTER

We have revised our X-Fusion Vector HLR Coil oil seal kit, and now it is better. More seals included in the kit now. The kit provides significantly lower friction inside the shock, which ensures smoother performance. The kit was and constantly is tested under harshest conditions and proves to be extremely reliable.

Please pay attention - this is an ESSENTIAL servicing kit, not a FULL rebuild kit. Our essential kits are the result of many years of experience in servicing this kind of shocks. After servicing a lot of shocks of this kind during many years, the outcome is that you know which seals will need replacing and which won't. This knowledge we offer to you in our essential kits. You don't need to buy full service kit, which is pricier and unnecessary, in order to maintain your rear shock.

One of the best purchases with this kit would be our IMPROVED Bottom Out Bumper. The original X-Fusion bottom out bumper is not the best one, and deteriorates quickly. From the other hand, our bumper is much sturdier and can take much of abuse during long period of time. Here for example the photo of our improved bottom out bumper on a shock. The shock is being abused constantly on downhill races. The bumper is installed for two years already and still in excellent condition as you may see, didn't loose its form and didn't deteriorate. It's been through the roughest terrain, excessive heat, direct sun beams, temperature amplitudes, and several shock services.
 photo 2e0a04dd-2c87-4ef9-8e1d-a3022b0db4c9_zps15d1f76b.jpg  photo a1a9a2f8-7a7c-452c-aa2a-e6b88e89bcd0_zpse8c36ea9.jpg

Here you may find our IMPROVED BOTTOM OUT BUMPER

The kit is the product of many years of experience and research, brought to you by Sheeep Suspension Laboratory  - the first and only independent  suspension tuning and maintenance workshop in Israel. Sheeep Suspension Laboratory offers to its customers world-class tuning of their forks and shocks from any manufacturer. Each and every seal in these kits is a result of many years of try and mistake, in order to find the best. All the seals in the kits are of the best quality from high-end US and EU manufacturers, allowing the best performance, tolerance and endurance of the suspension. The seals are made in US and EU, none from China or other Asian countries.

This oil seal kit does not include Eyelet/DU bushings, since they are not always need to be replaced. But if they are damaged and need replacement - you can also find them in my store.

The kit does not include air seals kit.

The kit offers you new and vastly improved sealing and tolerance, making your shock service very cheap and much better, especially comparing to full rebuild performed by the shock manufacturer.

For bulk orders please contact me directly.